Valdosta - Georgia's Azalea City!

Valdosta is Georgia's Azalea City. Many years ago, then parks superintendent, R. J. Drexel, planted azaleas along cty streets, on government property, and on church grounds. Mr. Drexel also gave azaleas to local citizens to plant. Today, the city has an abundance of flowering azaleas that bloom during the spring and summer seasons and Drexel park is a tribute to the former parks superintendent's contribution. There is also an abundance of azalea gardens. The Garden Club uses azalea liners to fund the Crescent, home of the Garden Club.

Valdosta, known for the friendliness of its people, is listed as one of six US cities selected as Best of the Road for friendliness, by USA Today and Rand McNally. Valdosta is as proud of its small town Southern hospitality as it is of the abundance of azaleas.

Peach State Theater, Georgia's official theater is located in Valdosta on the campus of Valdosta State University. Moody Air Force Base, home of the 34th Rescue Wind, is also located in Valdosta.

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